Kimberly Bass will perform with her Crystal Alchemy Bowls at the
7th International Globe Sound Healing Conference

Sunday October 7th, 2018

Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Location: Congregation Sherith in San Francisco, CA.


A Good Balance of
Sound Healing Science, New Technologies,
and Life Transforming Experiential Workshops and Concerts.

30 of the top Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, Sound Therapists, and Musicians in the field
addressing important issues and topics in this rapidly expanding field of Sound Healing.


Jeffrey Thompson – Center for NeuroAcoustic Research

Gary Buchanan – SonaTherapy

David Gibson –The Frequency of Oneness



WAH!, Lisa Rafel, Randy Masters, Suzanne Sterling, Lupito (Crystal Tones),
Lis Addison, Helane Anderson, Ryan Moore, Elizabeth Krasnoff,
Silvina Vergara, Lisa Lippincott, Helane Anderson, Clark Hsu,
Eric and Lynn Miller, Gerald Savage, Rabbi Steven Fisdel,
and many more to come.

More Info on Presenters




• Sound, Meditation, & Consciousness • Sound and Children

• Natural Acoustic Sound Healing: Voice, Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs

• Healing Sounds and Music • Sound and Research

• New Sound Technologies • Sacred Geometry

• Voice Analysis • Sound and Intuition

More Info on Workshops



2 Evening Concerts

Saturday October 6th and Sunday October 7th 

Sound Healing Musicians:

Scott Huckabay, WAH, Lisa Rafel, Silvina Vergara, Tami Gosnell, Ken Becker, Claire Victor, Dan Hansen, Lisa Lippincott, Kimberly Bass, Gabrielle Gold, Bodhi Setchco, David Dulillo and Gary Cromp.


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