Crystal Alchemy Bowls

Instilling a deep sense of relaxation and well being, crystal chakra bowls are one of the newest and most distinctive musical instruments on the planet. Everyone can make music with crystal chakra bowls. Composed of 98.9% silicon quartz, the bowls hold the vibration of white light, ultimately refracting into the rainbow spectrum. The music from this crystal quartz is released as sound, which acts directly on our chakra energy centers. Crystal quartz integrates the balance of our own electromagnetic energies with the same electromagnetic field exists within all life forms.

Accompanying herself with an array of gem infused crystal alchemy bowls, Kimberly Bass has developed an extraordinary style of harmonic singing that is in perfect synergy with the acoustic vibrations emanating from the bowls. Drawing from a lifetime’s vocal experience, Kimberly’s mastery of harmoniy has been described as “other worldly, putting the listener into a transfixed eternal moment.” Her celestial chants take us through harmonic sound portals where one may experience a high level of self transformation. Kimberly’s unique style fuses her voice with the textures & frequencies of the crystal bowls, creating amazingly beautiful angelic music.

Kimbery’s performance was “wonderful, lovely, beautiful, amazing & transformative, she gave me a whole lot of joy and put me in a transcendental state” 
– Romona McFinn

Kimberly Bass - Night of Giving with Anya 2018
Prophecy Song - Kimberly Bass
Kimberly Bass | Mother I Feel You
Kimberly Bass - Night of Giving 2018
kimberly bass crystal singing bowl and vocals
Kimberly-Bass - Sacred Ground
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